Principle No. 1:


We are committed to recognizing the beauty in all things, even the things we are taught not to.

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You Belong Now wholeheartedly embraces each individual’s journey to self-love and understanding. We are committed to dismantling the normative social standards of what beauty is. We reject the idea of exclusion from representation as a right, because it perpetuates an ideology of supremacy and results in discriminatory economic effects.

Principle No. 2:


We are spreading a message of love and equality.

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You Belong Now is dedicated to achieving equality, through a message of love and inclusion of all groups. We are committed to celebrating the diversity of people and the diversity of thought, and applying these principles to every endeavor and partnership.

Principle No. 3:


We are celebrating the successes of marginalized content creators with a call to action.

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You Belong Now celebrates the victories and achievements won by many marginalized people in the face of adversity. Although we celebrate perseverance, excellence and hard work, we name and dismantle the systems of oppression that have an adverse effect on our perseverance, excellence, and hard work. We reject every notion of the bootstrap mentality.

Principle No. 4:


We are redefining what success means.

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You Belong Now is challenging the notions of success that sustain a system of oppression. We believe that true success comes when our professional and economical aspirations align, or substantially contribute, to the advancement of our society as a whole.

Principle No. 5:


We are unafraid to stand up for what we believe in.


You Belong Now is willing to challenge systems of oppression. We are willing to tell the truth even when it is unpopular, because we know we are serving the greater goals of equality and justice.

Principle No. 6:


We are committed to being both students and educators on the role of systemic oppression in the creative industry.

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You Belong Now is ready to continue conversations on how to create a just and equitable society. We are intentional about the statements we make, and we will continue to do the research required to advocate for justice and equality in the creative industries. We believe that every moment is teachable when spreading a message of love and equality.

Principle No. 7:


We are committed to abandoning false narratives that are hurting our communities.

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You Belong Now is doing away with narratives that encourage oppression. For centuries, our communities have been told that they are the ONLY cause for their socio-economic status, and our mission is to undo that narrative. We are committed to showing how discrimination plays a huge role in economic advancement.

Principle No. 8:


We are recognizing and using our privilege for the betterment of all content creators.

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You Belong Now believes in naming the privileges we have, like race, color, gender, size, religion, education, money, age, and ensuring we use those privileges to uplift our community as a whole.

Principle No. 9:


We are building coalition.

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You Belong Now firmly believes in the power of coalition and intersectionality. We do not compare the struggle of one community to another, instead we bridge gaps for education and understanding.

Principle No. 10:


We are uplifting our community.

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You Belong Now is committed to recognizing the great achievements in our communities. We are committed to raising awareness about the brands and businesses built by members of our community. We are also committed to sharing resources, and we refuse to replicate systems of oppression in the liberatory space we are aiming to create. We recognize the important difference between economic growth and economic justice.

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